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Why Me?

The world is saturated with photographers, so why should you book with me?

I have a passion for capturing special moments. I love witnessing the connection between people. Whether it is a head-over-heels-in-love couple getting their engagement photos done, or a mother getting sweet (and rare) kisses from her 3-year-old son; I get home from a session and cannot wait to load the photos on my computer and start sorting through them.

I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. I remember when my dad gave me a hot pink Vivitar camera. I used to fill it with film, and after using half of the exposures, I would be so excited to see the pictures, that I would beg my dad to take me to get them developed. I couldn't wait to go through the memories that I had captured.

I have boxes upon boxes containing so many memories. Like my first dog, Oreo, sitting on the yellow shag carpet in front of the bright green and yellow daisy wallpaper that my mom picked out. Or me holding my first toy - a green gloworm that my dad helped my stuff with snacks to sneak into my 6th grade outdoor school cabin. My sweet dog, Lucy, sitting on Santa’s lap the day before she passed away. Me in a long line of my high school friends posing for pictures before Prom at the Queen Mary. Or my mom smiling with her cute bald head under a white hat and still looking absolutely beautiful while battling cancer. And then a year or two later, pictures of her headstone with her favorite flowers; daisies, that were thoughtfully picked out and placed by my dad.

Boxes and boxes of all kinds of memories. Memories and people that are no longer here with us. Memories and reminders of special people that likely would just be suppressed by more recent memories, if they were never documented.

I am so thankful to my amazing clients and friends who have given me the opportunity to follow my passion of photography. Knowing that they will have my images to hang on their walls and look back upon, is the reason for doing what I do.

I would be honored to document your memories, and provide you with the photos that you will be passing down to your children.

Services offered in Snohomish County, WA and surrounding areas.

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